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When Do You Need A Clogged Toilet Repair Service?

It’s not a pleasant situation when you went to the bathroom then did a single flush and, boom, you see a clogged drain or even worse an almost overflowing toilet. Once you see yourself without a plunger, or if it doesn’t work for you, look for other options.

A clogged toilet is a common issue in most homes. From abuse of toilet paper to flushing things down that you are not supposed to, clogged toilets are an aggravating problem but a simple repair. One of the effective ways to prevent clogged toilets is to diagnose what causes them.

Stuck Toilet Paper

In some cases, you need to utilize a lot of toilet paper when you use the bathroom. As the toilet paper softens in water, an excessive amount of it can result in a build-up and obstruction. When you tend to use more than the recommended sheets, see to it that you start to regularly flush. Flush down the waste before you clean. Then utilize as much toilet paper as you require and flush the other.

Hard Water

Once the water contains high mineral components, then you got hard water. It’s a type of water that can damage the pipes and result in issues with the toilet. These mineral contents in hard water can harden and produce a white substance that is hard to eliminate. This results in an obstruction that waste can’t pass through, causing a clogged toilet.

Damaged Pipes

The pipes can break or corrode for different reasons: much rain, corrosion, natural wear and tear, sudden temperature change, and other factors. If your pipes crack, the drain in your toilet slacks off and can’t catch up with the demand in your home. In the end, you suffer from a clogged toilet.

Foreign Objects

The most common culprit of clogged toilets is the objects that should not be flushed down. Most people throw cotton balls, baby wipes, hygiene products, and other foreign objects down. These items do not soften in water and can cause blockages, unlike toilet paper.

In some cases, a foreign object can take a dive into the toilet and flush away without you knowing it. For example, a piece of the blade may accidentally crash into the bowl or your child may flush a small toy. Even hair strands can result in toilet clogging. Make sure what plunges into the toilet and do not flush any of these foreign objects.

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