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Unclogging Toilet Without a Plunger

Whether you’re at home or a friend’s place, you will eventually find yourself with a clogged toilet and without a plunger to be used for the unclogging. It can be an awkward and untidy or messy situation if handled erroneously. Rather than panicking, there are some easy solutions you’ll be able to utilize to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

In the situation that you’ve got a serious toilet clog, you have the freedom to call our professional plumbers to handle the issue for you. Our service homes are located in so many areas of the United States.

Before calling our professional and certified plumbing company, check out the following methods or steps to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

1) A weak flush can cause your toilet to clog.

Are you aware that some clogs are mainly caused by weak flushes? If you didn’t push or hold the flush handle down, the water level may show up higher than usual. You try flushing your toilet once more and push the handle down. With that, it will be added pressure and will permit your toilet’s flapper to remain open and cause the toilet’s contents to flush away appropriately.

2) Use a bucket of water to get rid of a clogged toilet.

In case flushing your toilet again didn’t do any help, fill a large bucket with warm water. Stand near to your toilet bowl and raise the bucket of warm water high over your toilet. The pressure of the falling water may displace what’s obstructed or blocked in your toilet. When you notice your toilet filling up with water quickly, stop attempting this method or way through. Remember that failure to stop will leave you with a clogged toilet filled to the brim, which may also complicate the unclogging process.

Try adding a dish-washing cleanser or detergent, because it will serve as a lubricant. Together, dish-washing detergent and warm water may help you to dissolve the clog easily. It will also allow you to flush away all the stubborn waste.

(Note: Use lukewarm water, but make sure that it isn’t boiling because boiling water can damage or crack your toilet’s porcelain.)

3) Make a vinegar and baking soda solution to unclog your toilet.

This strategy could be a little more hands-off, so it’s an incredible way to avoid directly touching the mess. Pour out two cups of vinegar and one-half cup of baking soda into your clogged toilet bowl. Try to allow it to settle for a couple of hours before you flush. We assure you that this solution is regularly very effective at dissolving a clog.

4) Use a wire hanger to dislodge trapped objects.

In spite of the fact that it may sound old-fashioned, using a wire hanger to dislodge caught objects can be incredibly effective. Our team suggested covering the wire with a cloth and securing it with conduit tape so you don’t harm or damage your toilet bowl. With the wire covered in tape, twist or bend it into your desired shape. At that point, you try to push the hanger into your toilet’s hole. Move it around to set free the stuck objects. (Note: Don’t flush until you have noticed the water level go down.)

Hire and Work with Our Professionals Today!

In case you cannot get your toilet unclogged by yourself, our well-known and professional plumbing company is always ready to serve you. Whether the aforementioned ways have failed or you are hesitant to take on the unclogging process on your own, our team is prepared and ready to assist you with your plumbing concerns. Don’t worry! Our team can also provide you the sewer line repair, clogged toilet repair, water heater repair, faucet repair, and any other plumbing services that you may need. Get in touch with our fully equipped and licensed plumbers at Urban Plumbers Co by calling us today.