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Top Four Most Complaint Toilet Issues

Issues coming from the toilet always happen. Whether you have small or larger toilet issues, it keeps you off every time. That is why it is beneficial to keep your plumbing system in its best working condition at all times to prevent any delays or inconvenience. 

At Urban Plumbers Co, we are your dependable partner when your plumbing system is acting out, especially when it comes to your toilet. We have an emergency plumber that can help every time you get in trouble with a faulty plumbing fixture. Whether you require clogged toilet repair or sewer line repair, we are your reliable partner for any of that. But for now, let’s talk about the most complaint toilet issues, and these mainly include:

Toilet That Keeps Running

The most common reason you have a running tank or toilet is an old or broken flapper that needs to be replaced immediately. When your toilet’s flapper ages or worn out! It won’t be able to seal up the bottom of your toilet tank properly. When this happens, it allows the water to pass consistently from the tank into the toilet bowl.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is more due to the following, such as:

  • A Clogged Drain- This one is easy to spot because the water will overflow from the toilet bowl rather than the tank, which eventually causes a mess onto the floor. 
  • Blockages On The Vent Pipe- The vent pipe’s premier function is to supply external air into each plumbing fixture in the house that helps to move water through the drainage pipes every time the toilet is flushed. When the vent pipe is experiencing any obstruction or blockages! Your toilet won’t flush as it used to, leading to an overflow.
  • Improperly Adjusted Tank Float- In this case, an improperly adjusted tank float causes the water to overflow from the tank. If the tank float is set too high then it provides too much water. Causing water to leak out from the sides.

Sluggish Toilet Flush- If you experience a slow flush from your toilet, it indicates several problems, such as the toilet could have a partial clog, or obstruction could be deep within your pipes.

Bad Toilet Water Supply Valve

There are several reasons you have a bad water supply in your toilet bowl, and these could be the tank fill tube that is incorrectly positioned or damaged, preventing the water from reaching its proper levels.

If you are here to seek professional help with any of the following? Please know that our team of experts at Urban Plumbers Co is willing to help. Our team of plumbers operates from Monday to Sunday, so whenever you need emergency services help, we got you covered. So, why wait for your plumbing issues to get worse? You know that you have the professionals of Urban Plumbers Co that can always help whenever you need them.

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