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Glaring Signs Your Sewer Line Is In Trouble

No one wants to have poor plumbing, most especially when it entails costly repair services. Every home plumbing does not just include the pipes, but also it involves the main sewer line that links them. Defective sewer lines can cause bathrooms full of sewage, cracked pipes, and expensive repairs.

Issues such as blockages are quite common, but a defective sewer line is a major problem that can pose a financial consequence with regard to repair services. When there is an issue with the sewer line, here are indicators to watch out for:

Slow Drains : A lagging drain is a common plumbing problem, and these backed-ups can be dealt with with a basic repair such as a drain cleaning tool. When the basic unclogging work doesn’t work to speed up the drain, the problem can be beyond blockage with the sewer line. Unluckily, main clogs are often much bigger clogs that need more than basic unclogging works but looking into the line itself to get to the source of the issue.

Structure Cracks : A defective sewer line is more than just a plumbing problem; it can result in great structural damage to a house. Broken sewer lines not repaired over time can cause cracks in the structure of a house, an established foundation, or worse the sinkholes.

Foul Odors : The whole sewer line should be closed, which means that no smell is supposed to release from the pipes. When you smell something bad,  that may indicate a leak in the sewer line. Once it smells like rotten eggs and sewage begins to leak out of the drains, it’s highly recommended to contact a professional plumber.

Mold : Corrosion or mold may be one culprit, but the issue may be a defective mainline within the walls of the house. A break in the line can result in insufficient water drip in the house that can result in mold accumulation over time. Mold is bad for human health, so when you see mold spreading on the ceilings or walls, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber immediately.

Pests : Unluckily, a defective sewer line can also cause unwanted pests within your house. Insects can easily get in the breaks and holes in the sewer line and see their way to plumbing. These insects can be hazardous to the health of your family. When you see some pests in your plumbing system, an expert can perform a visual inspection of the sewer line.

Some plumbing problems can be resolved without professional help, but when the problem is with the main sewer line, you already have to contact a sewer line repair expert from Urban Plumbers Co. They have a team of highly-trained technicians for clogged toilet repair, water heater repair, faucet repair, and other emergency plumber services.